BIGGIE SMALL THE BEST OF ALL.......part TWO......ayush.

August 8, 2007 12:31am CST
BIGGIE SMALL is known so because of his huge frame. yes, biggie small was not one of the most good looking rappers. He was fat, black, was a gangster and used to peddale drugs, It sounds like becoz of all these characters that he was a bad, criminal, and had typical thinking of becoming rich, doesn't it. but the truth is different. biggie small had 3 daughters and he was very considerate towards them and his wife. biggie raps that he faced times when he and his family used to eat sour beans for dinner. It was then to support his family he started drug trafficking, putting his life in danger.After biggie small was a success,the world just fell in love with him. He was an inspiration to fellow members in the industry and millions out there. Girls used to love biggie small. His concerts used to be jam packed. he topped the charts. Anything and Everything, whatever biggie said people appreciated. In true sense he was the KING OF NEW YORK.
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