August 8, 2007 4:13am CST
hey guys what do you think about Hyips. I have been seeing in the net that many people saying we are making a lot .is this really true or all these are scams .if you know any good programs please let me know. I have seen a few but i really dont trust them . incase if you have some ideas please discuss it here.
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@wilynn (753)
• Singapore
9 Aug 07
Please don't trust them. I tried and got conned. Some scam you right from the start. Some give you a little sweet. I started out with a few dollars and they return me the money. Then I thought, maybe I could increase it. Anyway, I lost like 300 bucks and I told myself that is the end of it. I was so dejected but anyway its really my fault and can blame no one except myself. They are bloody liars and play dirty tricks. Do not trust them at all.
9 Aug 07
Hyips are really very risky, but it doesn't mean you can't earn from them it is a matter of knowledge to earn one. i can't recommend one hyip but i really did earn in lots of them but i have done research and lots of sorting out which really pays or not. i have list of good hyips. that paid me and make profit you could pm me if you want the list.