how could u realize and cherish your real friends? could u say st about you RF?

August 8, 2007 11:27pm CST
friends are very important in our life, a good friend will not care your some bad habits, he or she would accept them. it is real hard to get a real good friend? when would you realize that you meet a real friend? and why? real friends are hard to find, but easy to lost if you do not cherish him or her. what will you do to keep your friendship? let's talk about it.
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@rainrose (36)
• China
7 Jun 08
I think it's a very difficult question, and how I find my real friend, I don't know, but I'm sure that I have a lot of friends, ang I have some good friends who can help me when I'm in trouble. I have a good friend who is very far from me, and we contact very little, just use the telephone. She calls me and says that why don't I call her. I think it's very interenting that it let me know that she miss me and she love me. Do U think so? and I want to tell U why I want to tell U this, and why I find U, that's because Dalian is the place I want to go, and also she want to go. How interenting! I think it's a dream, but she and I will remember it all the time.
@lilyfly (36)
• China
11 Aug 07
For me, i don't know whether it is real hard or not to get a real good friend. because it is a nature process that we become good friends. Moreover, about how to realize whether someone is a real friend, i think it need two points. one point is you must be familiar with he. known that what's the kind of him. the other is both sides have the action which shows good well mutually, perhaps you first, perhaps the opposite part first. just like an animal shows good well to another ,well use one part of its body rubs the opposite.^_^