does china deserve to host the 2008 olympics?

@cher913 (25865)
August 9, 2007 7:00am CST
with the governments handling of the people in past and currently, do you think they deserve to hold the olympics and the honour? the lady that spoke out against the chinese government (free tibet) has gotten out and is on her way back to north america, but several of her counterparts are still in for speaking against the government on their handling of tibet...whats your thoughts?
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@AmbiePam (51158)
• United States
9 Aug 07
China is at the top of the list for human rights violation. Religious persecution is also up on the list. This is not talked about near as much as it should be, because China is not some war torn country, and they don't have people coming to bomb the U.S. or England. But it is horrible the things that the government allows. That being said, I don't know exactly how I feel about them hosting the Olympics. The major part of me thinks no way should we support anything that would benefit human rights violaters. The smaller part of me thinks, well it isn't most of the citizens fault, why shouldn't they enjoy this when they live in such a staid Communist land?
@ayris77 (1304)
• Malaysia
9 Aug 07
Sports is for PEACE! Nobody can take a peace from sports. So i think,no need to mix the politic problem with sports.and i always any country who become a host of any big games such as olympic! No deal, i support China to be a Olympic 2008 host!