Why do people use txtspk on forums like this.

August 9, 2007 7:05am CST
I've lost count of the number of posts on this forum and others where somebody goes: "h m8 r u gg yr blk stpmd ovr hr? Do u wana cm 4 now or we 4get da fing?" I can't understand a bleedin' word they're saying! I understand on phones when you're either charged by the character or limited to a specific number of characters, but that doesn't apply here. So talk proper like innit?
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@puchapox (580)
• Philippines
9 Aug 07
Really? I haven't noticed anyone doing that from the posts I've read. I must admit that sometimes it is much easier to type that way, it saves time and effort but to tell you frankly I don't text that way, and I can't understand the phrase you used in your discussion paragraph too. Maybe some people are just born lazy..Peace out!
9 Aug 07
I've seen loads. The one that set me off was somebody asking (I think) if it was ok for her to marry her brother. I'm just old-fashioned I guess. I like proper punctuation, capitals, good grammar - and that's just in my text messages! A text to my mum might read something like this: Dear Mother, Thank you very much for your text which I received on my mobile phone about two minutes ago. Yes I would love to come to tea on Sunday, thank you very much for your kind offer. Look forward to seeing you then, Your loving son, MurphyDog Trouble is I tend to run out of characters ...
@ayris77 (1303)
• Malaysia
9 Aug 07
I;m also dont understand whay their like to use svery short words.Sometimes i'm also dont understand, but i'm try to understand what they mean!...But i like to you full words,Isn't it my friends?