Which one do you often use, CD,DVD,Diskette or USB Flashdrive?

August 9, 2007 9:34am CST
Which type of storage media do you often use? I bought my usb flashdrive two years ago, and since then I stopped using diskettes and CDs. I find it so convenient to use my USB. However, the downside of it is that if it gets destroyed, then I lost more than losing a diskette or CD. What about you? Do you prefer using USB?
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• Switzerland
9 Aug 07
USB flashdrive, hands down.
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@sergedan (768)
• Romania
2 Jan 08
I don't use diskettes any more ,they're way out of fashion,not that I would keep up with it. Now I just use CD's and ocasionally some DVD's to burn music ,games and videos for others.
@rodelsky (70)
• Philippines
30 Aug 07
I prefer USB because of it convenience...
@dbhattji (2506)
• India
23 Aug 07
I prefer the USB now because it is more convenient but why does it get destroyed - I thought my data would be safe in USB.
@ngobis (237)
• Philippines
10 Aug 07
Usb flash disk is more convenient to use and you can carry as much as 8gb on it. Compare that to diskette or even Dvd!
@mymytri (2031)
• India
10 Aug 07
I use CD and DVD often.I have bought rewritable and to save the data temporarily and rewrite it often.Ofcoure USB are very convenient to use
@whyaskq (7529)
• Singapore
9 Aug 07
For external storage and backup purposes, I used an external harddisk. I only use the thumbdrive for data transfer since I have more data than the size of the thumbdrive.
@bluishrose (2290)
• Philippines
9 Aug 07
I still use diskette, CD and usb flashdrive. I still use diskette and CD because of emergency of renting out sometimes not all computers have CD drive or a computer is still windows 98 it can't read a usb. Just to be sure i store files in all these type of storage.