Why do women have to cook?

August 9, 2007 11:53am CST
Who says that this is one of the things that woman sould do? I really don`t like to cook I just don`t enjoy to be in the kitchen. My boyfriend cooks great and he likes it, so why to take this joy from him? :) And most of the best cooks are men. But most of the people say that woman should cook. What do you think about it?
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@bowtieguy (5917)
• United States
2 Sep 07
Usualy because men do not know how or are to lazt to cook, after my wife left me I went to my mom to brush up on my cooing skills since I was not used to doing it and would have to start doing it again, some men also link it with being gay or something, I just think that's silly, gay or straight there is nothing wrong with a man knowing how to cook and not trowing a steak on the grill I mean using the oven or the stove and whipping something together from a recepie.
@wackwy (96)
11 Aug 07
I don't cooking either. I don't have the "talent" to do it. My husband loves to cook that's why he's great at it. I think we should not be forced to do something we do not want. It's a new generation now, where women and men are equally empowered. Cheers!
• Malaysia
9 Aug 07
A simple answer my dear friend. From the word WOMEN a significant an extra two alphabets of W.O. before M.E.N. which means work overtime. So overtime is at the kitchen...ha..ha..ha.