Flashlight that can temporarily blind criminals

United States
August 9, 2007 11:34pm CST
I read in the newspaper today that there is a new flashlight that was invented which could be pointed at a criminal and temprarily blind them and cause nausea so the police can restrain them without lethal force. It sounds like a good idea.
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• Cebu, Philippines
27 Mar 16
This is a very very old topic but let me answer this one. At the time this post was made, flashlights were at the time running at probably 65 lumens max, now, flashlights with single battery can pump out at least 800 lumens. Now, how bright is needed to temporarily blind a person? For a person with night adapted vision, at least 80 lumens is enough. For a person without night adapted vision, at least 200 lumens is enough. Today's flashlights pump out at least 100 lumens on a single cell setup. I have an Olight S15, that has a max lumen of 280 on a single AA battery.