Taking advil does not loosen my migraine

@maean_19 (4655)
August 10, 2007 3:47am CST
My eyes got strained due to work in front of my laptop the whole day, as well as i had a marathon watching season 7 of CSI Las vegas. Days had passed and still my migraine is there. It is Friday and hope I could rest my eyes and be back to its condition by Monday.
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@modstar (9605)
• Philippines
23 Nov 08
Did you take the imported kind of Advil? If yes then it will not work for you. Based from experience, the locally made Advil works best. To know how, imported Advils are round and local ones are capsules.
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@arica12 (10)
7 Nov 07
Hello There. I recommend you to try "INTRA" You can go to the next site end read about intra. I particular know a friend that suffer a strong migraine, and after few week (5 or 6) he become a new person. www.lifestyles.net if you'l decide to try it, let me know, i'll help you get it cheaper. Good health. Aric
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@cefaz_21 (2596)
• Philippines
10 Aug 07
I will suggest you take some rest, meaning you have to rest your eyes too, get enough sleep and relax, when I have a bad headache,I ask my husband to massage it with an ointment and then I'll sleep. I am not much into taking medicines. :) Hope you feel better soon!
@zabawaus (1730)
• United States
10 Aug 07
Hi maean, First of all you have a migraine for a fair cause because i love CSI too but my favorite is CSI New York but Las Vegas is fine too. I don't have migraine but one of my friends have and one day she tried Excedrin and said that it helped a lot. Maybe you should try Excedrin. And this pills give energy as well. So that you can feel more energized to watch the rest of the episodes. Oh by the way CSI Miami is cool too :) Take care.
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