my 2 week holiday

August 10, 2007 6:35am CST
H there everyone, I went to Japan for two weeks and in that time we got to see alot. Tokyo, Kyoto and all over Kansai, Mt Fuji and Hiroshima. Castles were great especially Himeji. it was my favourite castle. Food and hostls were cheap. definately a place worth visiting. Id love to go back one day and see other parts of Japan.
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• Malaysia
6 Sep 07
wah that's so great! you're lucky! i would love to visit Japan one day, if i have the chance. but i think it's pretty costly and the things there are expensive as well? nevertheless, definitely a place to visit. i've just got back from my vacation in Bali, Indonesia last week. that's a nice place too :)
@PearlGrace (3171)
• United States
5 Sep 07
Hello. I am quite interested in your trip to Japan. I will be going there in about 2 months. I will be spending about a week in Tokyo and then a week in Kyoto. I will take a train from Tokyo to Kyoto. I have been told that the train ride has some of the most beautiful scenery ever. Also, I understand that Japan serves the most delicious sushi in the world. I am practicing Japanese and hope to be able to say just a few words, greetings and so forth. Please tell more specifics about your trip.
@eprado (1470)
• Philippines
12 Aug 07
Hi there, welcome to mylot! Wow that was nice hearing about your two weeks vacation. I have known many people whose been to Japan and says the same thing. I hope some day I can have my vacations there too.
@haruyuki (36)
• Philippines
12 Aug 07
you are right!!!i also went to japan as a talent.i was there for 4th times but not only in tokyo,my first time is ibarakki,kameido,then second time,and third time was in shizuoka,and the last was in tokyo koiwa...just like you,i wish i could go back also,but not just as a talent...i want as a tourist!so that i can enjoy more beautiful places,,,most especially..disneyland!!!