oblivion vs.g3?

August 10, 2007 8:42am CST
4 me,oblivion is the best.But i also like gothic 3 since the gothic series was the one which introduced me in the hardcore gaming way of life.Before that,i only used to play 4 about 3h/day,but shortly after meeting xardas,i noticed that time was really running away.So i guess it's more the "woe to the defeated" that keeps me away from forgetting g3,right? No.Gothic 3 is a great game,with a splendid sound and scenario,a good graphics and a cache of bugs.Still, there is someth'that lives inside the game.On the other hand,oblivion is the perfect gameplay,at least as far an i'm concerned.Great sound,great graphics, unmatched scenario.Now,what i'd like from you is to know what do you like more,gothic 3 or oblivion and why...
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