Does anyone work from home other than online sites?

United States
August 10, 2007 4:20pm CST
Over the past 5 years, I have consistantly made money just working from home. I just recently ventured into making money from home with online sites. Previously, I had owned a couple of small one person businesses that were lucrative. One of which was a cleaning business with residential and commercial accounts. This business alone paid my living expenses with just 20 hours a week. The other few were party hosting type businesses. Now, in the present and in the future, I hope to get into professional writing; blogging, and opening an online jewelry shop. I thought I would post my experiences regarding working from home because I was seeing an awful lot of computer related items and not much else. I wanted to throw my experiences on the table to put some spice in the mix. Has anyone successfully worked from home in a field other than online marketing, ptr, blogs, etc.?
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@tutor1235 (113)
• United States
22 Aug 07
I've worked from home for years, and only a portion of my income actually comes from the online marketing type ventures. I also do private tutoring, write for various publications, and lead workshops. Essentially, I found a set of services that I'm qualified to provide and that I enjoy, and then marketed those. I've also taught continuing education classes, and several other related things. I think the key is finding what you are good at and motivated to do, then finding a niche market to pay for your services.
• United States
22 Aug 07
Thank you so much for your response! It is refreshing to hear from others who have made a "lifestyle" doing what makes them happy as well as supporting themselves from said endevours. Bravo!
@sohonz (11)
• New Zealand
12 Aug 07
I have just started my own website, and its taking awhile to get off the ground as there is actually quite a bit of work that is required to do in between holding down a full-time job. However, as you have owned a number of small businesses that have been quite lucrative for you I'm sure you will know how much it takes to get any business off the ground. The reason why I suggest perhaps starting your own website, is because you seem to have a lot of knowledge and experience. It is these characteristics which makes sharing information a lot easier as building a web business depends a lot on writing your own content. The more you know and experience, the easier it is to set up a web business and write information. Just an idea. I have added a url you can follow just to browse around, with no obligation. It took me 2 years looking around for a work at home online job before I took the plunge and joined with Sitesell. Basically I guess I was looking for a Get Rich Quick program only to find out none exists. And spending lots of money joining anything I could find that looked interesting (newbie mistakes). The reason I signed up with them is because I know virtually nothing about html and search engine optimization or network marketing. As Sitesell has all these tools I thought why not. I do not have the knowledge and experience you do in terms of been there and done that so it is taking longer for me to start my monetization program. However, because I realise there is a gap in the market for the info. I offer and because I have faith in my information I will persevere. A web business like any other is not for the faint hearted and takes patience, but there is enjoyment in sharing information much like MyLot. Best wishes to you
• Canada
19 Aug 07
yes, i also sell avon, flowers, aloette, and other products people find usefull. You can make commission from almost anything