how many of u'll like angelina jolie...after wt she did to jennifer aniston?

@anita212 (117)
August 10, 2007 10:35pm CST
i thought she was ok before... but now wat with teh adopting spree she is on... i mean its agood thing... but i jus' stopped likin' her after she said things like she doesnt date guys who r married n so did that ... i feeel so sad for jennifer aniston... cos she is jus' sucha nice person...!!! dont u think !!!
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• United States
11 Aug 07
jennifer and brad were not married. (at least i dont think they were, unless i really missed something LOL) and you really cant blame Angelina..since it was Brad that "strayed" and not her. i mean look at Angelina..she cant help but be quite a different way than Jennifer is. apparantly Brad found Angelina's beauty more attractive than Jennifer's "girl next door" beauty. blame the guy, he is the one that decided to go for another girl.
@anita212 (117)
12 Aug 07
mmmm i think u r quite rite...!!! but still its also angelina jolie who started dating a married man n then denying anyways thir realtionship is also on the rocks... so obviously... theyr gonna so break up... though i do completly agree dat angelina is extremly gorgeous...!!! i totally love her looks... but lets jus' wait n watch wats gonna happen...!!!
@rinaaus (1201)
• Australia
11 Aug 07
I don't think like that. How do you know Jenifer Aniston is a nice person? But one thing I know Angelina Jolie has a big heart, you can see she already adopt 3 kids. I see what Angelia did, not what everyone told about Jenifer! About relationship if we are not in their case, we don't know who's right? who's wrong? All we know that we hear from all kinds of media. What is the truth? Only they know. I like Angelina Jolie before and after, outside and inside her movies as well.