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United States
August 10, 2007 10:36pm CST
have u ever had any 1 be mean to u and then all of a sudden they want to get back in your good graces what would u do or say would u accept them back hold a grudge or simply diassociate with them all together? my parents are 1 of those examples they beat the tar out of me when i was little and now they want me to forgive them. hah fat chance the only reason they are doing that is because they are up in age and failing with their health its not my problem they should of treated me better when i was little then maybe i would take care of them but now i say your on your own would u forgive something like that or do it just because they are your parents??
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@spyjax (46)
• United States
11 Aug 07
My case is a little more extreme than yours. Mom was the tar beater. Dad was the boozer. Moved far, far away from the both of 'em. Haven't spoken to or seen my mother in something like 23 years, and dad in over 15 years. Some people think this is bad. But then these same people will preach to victims of spousal abuse the need to get out of bad marriages.
• United States
12 Aug 07
i think our cases a lot alike we were both abused i havent seen or talked to my parents for at least 30 years. i have no desire to even see them i am very verbal when asked to at least give them a chance i am bull headed and i feel they dont deserve my forgiveness thats cold but that is the way it is thanks for the comment
@joshboz (1209)
• Australia
11 Aug 07
yes im familiar with that attitude my parents are also treat me just like you before. the discipline is so severe back then but now that i am becoming old they become more kind to me. i guess they realized that they have been bad or strict at you back then and want to treat you nicer this time. most people experience the same too. i guess that's one of the most common problem in parenthood how i could wish that i am treated good before and still treated good as i am an adult. but me i just think that they love me and i love them and its not a reason for revenge or rebel against them. just accept it its the past and i know youare better now because you are well disciplined.