Should i start to apply for college?

August 11, 2007 11:00pm CST
I think it's time for me to apply. but i don't know the process of this. Who know please help me.
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• United States
15 Aug 07
I would say decide the geographic location and the size school you want, and narrow it down from there. Then maybe choose a field of study and see which schools have it. Then I would visit the schools you're interested in if you can, or research them online (a lot of school websites have virtual tours on their pages).
• United States
14 Aug 07
If you're even considering going to college I would def apply if you have graduated high school. The deadlines are coming up when colleges will not accept students apps for full time, but rather part time. First & foremost, if you are under 21 you should take your SAT/ACT if you live in the USA. That test will place you in an english & math class that you will take as a core class in college. Then go to college (the ones you're interested in) websites & usually on the front page will be a link to fill an application. There usually is a fee for the college to look at your app. Then when you're accepted (which I know you will be!) there will be core classes you have to take. Everybody has to take core. Usually you have about 3 semesters to complete them (at least thats the way for my college). You can pretty much take any class you want as long as you meet the requirements. I am a fairly new college student myself. It's my second semester going full time. I will answer questions you like to the best of my abilities.
@eprado (1470)
• Philippines
14 Aug 07
Yes I think you should. That's a good decision my friend. Usually the process is just simple but first you have to decide what course you are gonna take and which university you will go. Get some info about the university and what courses they offer. After you have decided ask for the schedule of the entrance exam, pay the exam fee and take it. I believe the entrance exam is hardest you'll have to go through after you pass it evreything will be smooth sailing from then on. Hope I've given you some idea on the process. Goodluck! :-)
@zdh987562 (263)
• China
13 Aug 07
Good friends,you are right,it is time for you to apply.In China,you must take part in exam to select your school.but i don't konw where you live in.I advice you to go to searching in the is easy and helpfull.