Whos the Best.... Peter, Sylar or Hiro

Dominican Republic
August 12, 2007 12:15am CST
Peter in 5 Years Gone is the RULER of ALL
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@taylorblue (1286)
• Canada
14 Aug 07
Peter. He is so complex and there is so much more to his character that we haven't seen. Peter is definately the best!
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• Indonesia
14 Aug 07
Guess its Peter. His ability to absorb others ability is really sumthin compared to Hiro's. I know he(Hiro) can bend time and all, but if you sum it all Peter would beat a crap outta him(No offense;for Hiro fans) since he got all other kind of ability than Hiro's. So in the end there could only be one...Peter!
• United States
10 Oct 07
Peter will be the one to rule them all.
• Italy
25 Aug 07
peter is the best..his power is incredible
@kahheng (281)
24 Aug 07
It would all depends on what we are comparing. If we are comparing characters, then I would vouch for Sylar. Yes, he has far less abilities than Peter, since Peter absorbs powers. However, we all know Peter is a softie. Now, Sylar is different. Although his power is limited, each time he kills and examines some other 'heroes' brain, he gain their ability. His uncanny ability to learn up and then control the ability he learn is his strength. As you can see in the final episode of Season 1, it took a number of other evolved beings to actually take down Sylar. As for Hiro's ability to stop time, he can only stop Sylar for a short duration of time before Sylar overcomes the time stop (refer to thoese last few episodes where Hiro freezed Sylar a few times and Sylar overcame it after pausing for a short time). So, if we are to compare the characters in the Series Heroes, my vote will be on Sylar. However, if we are just comparing abilities, then of course Peter is unbeatable!!
@Nooby007 (21)
• Belgium
23 Aug 07
Peter Petrelli is the best heroe without a doubt, then Sylar.
• Philippines
15 Aug 07
Peter, he can absorb powers just being near to the person who has one.