smile from our heart

August 12, 2007 4:15am CST
I was a girl who liked smiling in my childhood. And people who know me all remember that. I feel, at that time, nothing could prevent me smiling just like smile is from my heart. Even when I was in university, I still have that feeling.However, I actually didn't have a so-called happy family. Our life is very hard because of brother and my schooling. Every year, we took the money to school though we knew It was the most of our parents' earning. So when we at home, we will try our best to help mother do some work. And my little brother do more than me. Things change after my graduation.Both my brother and I found a job. Life is much easier now. I am still smiling. But sometimes, I feel My smile is not from my herat. I will feel sad when I am alone. I become worried about more things--job,marrige,relationship,health``````` so is it some signs showing I have grown up? I have to face more things myself and try to solve it as considerably as possible.
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• Pakistan
12 Aug 07
it is just becoz of hurrdels you faced in life now try to enjoy go somewhere out for change so you ll feel more better try to make yourself busy in different activites dont think alot about problems and life becoz the thing which have to be done it will be done it wont stop so keep smiling and be happy God bless you
@maximax8 (29134)
• United Kingdom
12 Aug 07
Yes, childhood is a delightful time, not worrying about very much at all. I was also a happy child. I liked reading books, drawing pictures, writing stories and playing with my dolls. I really enjoyed school and spending time there with my friends. When I was ten my parents got divorced and my family didn't have very much money anymore. I have a lifelong appreciation of education. I loved being a student and studying many different subjects. I became a teacher and so I know how happy children are their learning. Growing up may present some challenges to them like you suggest. Of these, good health, I think is the most important thing to have. A satisfying job is a lovely thing to have. A happy relationship or marriage is also nice to have. Yes, you have grown up. Good luck to you.