Did u like the Deathly hallows??

August 12, 2007 6:10am CST
Hey, I found it grossly inadequate and underexplained. The story was excellent, but Rowling left a lot of questions unanswered....like, how did neville get the sword from goblins....or hw did he knew to kill nagini with that sword?? also, after the death of voldemort, nothing was shown how the world celebrated it...like the post match euphoria. After all, after seeing so much depression and gloom in harry's life, we surely wanted to witness him and his friends happy.........
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@violeta_va (4832)
• Australia
13 Aug 07
I do agree to a point I would have liked to know what harry did after voldemort was defited (as in what he worked) what happend to his family (aunty, uncle and dudley) but I do love the book all the same.
• India
14 Aug 07
Yups, You are right pal. But anyways, we enjoyed the whole series very much. Everyone's sure gonna miss him now.
• United States
13 Aug 07
First I loved the book!! Neville got the sword because in one of the other books Dumbledore mentioned that the sword was bespelled (for lack of a better word) and appeared to a true Gryffindor. One who possessed all the qualities one. So no matter who had it if a Gryffindor needed it to protect Hogwarts it appeared. He knew to kill Nagini because Harry told him right before he went into the woods that if e got close enough to do it. And the epilogue was your 'post match' Teddy grew up healthy and loved by those around him because Voldemort was gone, he didn't suffer harry's fate.
• India
13 Aug 07
Hey, marvellous!! I think I missed that point....about the sword appearing to a true gryffindor. I think I overlooked it. Thanx for clearing this out. But....I still do think that the epilogue could have been more elaborate...like showing the marriage of harry and ginny....and that of ron and hermoine....all friends getting along happy...like that. C'mon...everyone loves happy endings :-)