August 12, 2007 8:33am CST
Hey people i just want to tell you about a site called ClixnCash. they are a good site to sign up at and the min payou is $0.05 you make this amount each day if you click all the ads and read the mails. also you can add you Paid To Promote link for which you earn $0.20 for every 1000 hits. at present i have 25000 hits there so i made $5.:D you can register here payments made with paypal regards, dhiveng
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• India
20 Aug 07
Hi thanks for the info. I joined elitetraffichits and also got hits from it to clixncash but I yesterday al the unapproved ptp were zeroed and i was given no credit for it. Were you given credits for such hits. Thanks
• China
20 Aug 07
hehe, the same thing happened to me, just email the admon at with your username and tell him what happened, he will try and sort it out i should think
@runsgame (2031)
• India
30 Sep 07
glasd to note your earnings and can u please help me in sending some more details about this site . as i want to join under you
@wilynn (753)
• Singapore
12 Aug 07
You've definitely done a good job there. I totally support clixncash because the payment is prompt and everything about them is so far so good. Anybody thinking of joining this site just to get some cents every 1-2 days should do so. Its really a great site.