Menstration Question...need home remedies

United States
August 12, 2007 6:14pm CST
Does anyone know of any home remedies to help with severe cramps and headaches at "that time of the month"??? I try everything like Motrin, hot baths, cold compresses, etc and nothing works. Pamprin is a joke! I just need to find something natural to help me with these symptoms. I am useless for about 4 days every month! VERY tired, headache, cramps, etc. I don't want to get on birth control and I don't want to think of a hysterectomy.
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@lilaclady (28227)
• Australia
12 Aug 07
I suffered for years with headaches, three days of every month I had a dreadful headache so I know how you are feeling until someone suggested I have a little apple cider vinegar in water every morning, I used to have as little as half an eye glass and so did my sister who suffered as well and while we were on this we never suffered a headache or got a cold or had any stomach upset, my sister used to say it tasted so bad nothing would come near you... but it worked... from what I have read in the Apple Cider vinegar book which you can now get it is a blood thinner so it really does work if you can drink this stuff but you only need a little every morning...
• United States
13 Aug 07
That is very interesting I have never heard of that. I too get the hormonal headaches, except mine are migraines. I find the only thing that works is two excedrin migraines and one aleve taken together. For the heavy cramping which I dont have so much anymore but used to have all the time before the migraines started. I would take two coated aspirin such as bayer as soon as I knew I had my period, whether I had cramps or not, and then every 4 hrs for the first day. It helped wonderfully, because the cramps are caused by clotting the aspirin thins the blood clots and thereby relieves the cramps. Obviously if you are going to do the aspirin regime dont do the excedrin migrain and aleve treatment you will overdose yourself for sure.
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• United States
13 Aug 07
my doctor gave me a med that works well for me sodium naproxen you can also get it over the counter but not in the same does it is like a blood thinner, and pain pill in one works good for me but also salt and the viiniger its the salt contents in that I heard that realy helps you. I worked as a cna and we had nurses that was pg there they would open a salt packet and eat the salt if they got any cramps
@AmbiePam (51649)
• United States
13 Aug 07
If you have a walking schedule all through the month, I find that it lessens the cramps a lot. I mentioned it to my doctor once and she says regular exercise like that usually DOES decrease the amount of cramps in that time period. Also, have you ever tried a Therma Care heat wrap? They go on under your clothes and stay fairly well.