Are you ever Surprised that you get Best Response?

August 12, 2007 6:48pm CST
I have to be honest with you! I was here for months before I new that the best response link was there for me! I clicked it open a couple of times and saw some discussions there but didn't realize I had been chosen for best response. It wasn't until I realized that I was suppose to be choosing best responses for my own discussions that eventually everything came together. I just posted my own topic about choosing best response when I decided to go back at look at my own. I feel rather blessed that people chose me for best response but at the same time I have to admit I am quite surprised as well! Are you ever surprised that people chose you for best response?
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• United States
13 Aug 07
Yes sometimes I am surprised at getting a best response. Other times not so surprised because it turned out that I was the ONLY response.. LOL
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@kelly60 (4548)
• United States
13 Aug 07
It is usually a pleasant surprise to get a best response because even when you write a really thoughtful answer, it doesn't mean that the person who wrote the discussion will choose your response as the best. Sometimes the poster will choose one of their friends, or choose one of the other responses for some other reason. You really never know when you will get the best response.
@shinjiao (1463)
• China
13 Aug 07
Hi,CoffeeAnyone! I always surprised when I found that my response was chosen as the best one.I will say thank you to the Mylotter who chose mine as the best response.It is really happy to see I have many best responses. Happy Mylotting!
@sunshinecup (7873)
13 Aug 07
Yeah I have to say I am cause I post what I feel and nothing more. I am just honest and then when I check my best response link on the side here, I am shocked to see a new one added. I love going back and thanking them also. I use to not to cause I am a scatter brain but a friend of mine always does and now I do, it's a nice feeling.
13 Aug 07
Lol, every1 who has Posted to this Q,has a lot of Post!!!Since I don't have a a lot of time here posting, I don't have any best Reponce, but I think that I will be suprised if I ever get one, and the one that follows that one...:)
@cefaz_21 (2597)
• Philippines
13 Aug 07
yeah..and not just surprised but happy too..I ahve best response too where my response was the "lone response" and I laugh it least it made me happy for a while. The biggest thing I get from those best responses is the motivation to do and write as best as I can be.
• India
13 Aug 07
Sometimes we spend such a lot of time on responding to others' discussions that if ours is selected as the best response we aren't suprised. Sometimes even if it a one-liner some give it a best response tag. If no one has responded to their discussions they are left with no choice. Selecting my responses as best when I haven't put much efforts in it has surprised me some times.
@Calais (10898)
• Australia
13 Aug 07
yes, quite a few times I have been surprised to find out that I have been granted best response..I usually have a little laugh to myself..It puts a smile on my face though..
@suspenseful (40312)
• Canada
13 Aug 07
Surprised? Yes I am. I never expect one and I think everyone who responded to the same post is much better and more articulate than I am.