Have you ever been through an unrequited love?

August 13, 2007 5:01am CST
Once,I had a crush on sb,who had already have a girlfrend.I struggled for a long time and finally told what I felt about him, and at the same time made my mind to forget him.Maybe the gratification just came from loving him rather than being loved back.Have you ever been through this,and what did you do?
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@purple99 (165)
• China
13 Aug 07
I think we should have nerve for finding and hankering our own happiness.I don't think you ought to give up,because you are brilliant.You must have fully confident,that is very important.I believe that the excellent choice you have felicity made is an assurance of your future domestic.
• China
17 Aug 07
maybe you are right,i gave up too early.i am always like this,gave up with no efforts,though one can't get love with efforts,what we need is luck!
@wotfpatty (2068)
• United States
13 Aug 07
I don't know if it was love but it was very strong like at least. I was crazy about this guy and he was crazy about me. But he had a fiancée. He broke up with her to be with me but I found out he was seeing her again and I confronted him about it. He said he was just really confused and she was pressuring him to meet with her and all upset that he left her. Finally she and I both showed up where he was and basically forced him to pick one of us then and there. The most humiliating thing was watching him step to her side and say he chose her over me. I was seriously depressed for a while. I was humiliated and just completely devastated. A few weeks later we talked it out and things were less tense. He married and divorced her and I went on to marry and stay married and have two sons. I still think about him now and then just wondering what would have been different if he had picked me that day. Now, I am glad he didn't.
• China
13 Aug 07
That was really tough,especially he chose in front of you!How can that be? I don't think I can stand that if i were you.You're a specially brave lady!
@djmarion (4901)
• Philippines
13 Aug 07
yes and its a very tough one.