Yesterday was another tiring day...

@maean_19 (4659)
August 13, 2007 8:47pm CST
Early morning of yesterday, I just finished taking a bath when I received a text from my boss, she told me to finish our Opposition pleading and meet her at the PRC for a hearing. I finished our pleading and print it out then went to the PRC. I arrived at the PRC around 11:30 and my boss arrived few minutes later. We wanted to talk with the hearing officer for purposes of assuring the right procedure, unfortunately, the case was reassigned. We did not take our lunch and waited until the scheduled hearing which is at !:30. However, the new hearing officer was not around and another took over it at around 2 pm. The adverse party were absent and took the chance of dismissing the case. Huh! I only had my lunch after 3 pm. Right now, am doing the written Motion to Dismiss. Hopefully, we could make it and win the case.
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