Striking Movie Verse! What's Yours?

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@sr0415 (1140)
August 13, 2007 9:43pm CST
"I think, the truth is, you are afraid of losing Sally Michaels because you got nothing to hide behind and you have to stand on your own two feet." - Alex Fletcher, Music & Lyrics ---- I watched this movie more than a month ago and when I heard this line, I was like "whooooa!" It hit a soft spot in me! Bulls-Eye! I noticed that I lived in the shadow of my past (wheeee! This is also part of the lyrics of the movie's soundtrack. LOL). I tend to look back on the failures and mistakes I made. I'm afraid to make a step further and go an extra mile because of the "what-ifs". What if I fail again? What if the same mistake will happen? I can continue on living my bright perspectives, but I can't control the circumstances. What if fate will be against me? What if I'll not be able to get through? When I made the failure, I was scared to stand on my own again. I became so careful. I began to play things SAFE. I lose the part of me who was a risk-taker. I lose my self-confidence. But now, I realized that I never lose my self-confidence nor my sunny dispositions, I let them... slipped away. And now, it's time to go back and chase my dreams. :)
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