What is more important physical pleasure or intellectual pleasure? I need to def

@cuttyrish (2668)
United States
August 14, 2007 1:24am CST
we have a debate on our class, this is the question, i need to know your opinion guys. For me, i think intellectual pleasure is more important., but the teachers told my group, that we will defend physical pleasure to be the important one. The other group is intellectual pleasure.\ What is more important physical pleasure or intellectual pleasure? i need to defend physical pleasure in our class, can you give me some advices or even your opinion.
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@pismeof (855)
• United States
14 Aug 07
The only way I can think of for you to debate such a topic would require the study of the brain and figure out what creates the greater stimuli.Then base your argument on the findings.May be you can borrow some type of medical instrument that measures stimuli and present your case with a live experiment.
• Philippines
14 Aug 07
I definitely will go for intellectual pleasure but if you're tasked to defend physical pleasure then I'm ready to pretend I like the other one. In debates, the important thing is that you believe in your stand, whatever that is. You have to really make other people believe that you believe in that stand. Just enumerate all the benefits you get from physical pleasure. List down all kinds of physical pleasure and its corresponding benefits. For sure there are benefits. Your strong argument would be, would we survive without physical pleasure? Physical pleasure is important because we are sense beings by nature and we need to satisfy our physical needs. These things inspire us and help us go on with our lives. It gives us the drive to continue living because of this renewed vigor. I don't want to enumerate all kinds of physical pleasure so i'll just end here. Good luck in your debate! remember, no one wins in a debate. But if you do your best, you're sure to be a winner.
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@Tanya8 (1734)
• Canada
19 Aug 07
That's a tough one. I'd choose intellectual pleasure over physical too. I guess the best approach would be to focus on how necessary physical pleasure is to survival. For example, if we didn't enjoy eating, we'd be less concerned about making sure we ate regularly. If we didn't enjoy physical contact, we'd be less likely to find a partner and have children, and the species would eventually die out. We experience physical pleasure when we have adequate shelter and clothing as well. Consider what it would be like to have no roof over our heads, access to running water or electricity, or adequate clothing to protect us from the environment. Intellectual pleasure can be viewed as a luxury when one thinks about the plight of people who can't meet their basic food and shelter needs. Also, I'm not sure if there's any research you might be able to find to back this up, but physically pleasurable activities are often linked with stress relief. I wonder if intellectual pursuits can provide the same level of relief? Anyway, good luck with putting together an argument.
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