How often do you count your blessings?

August 14, 2007 3:40am CST
After having a bit of a bad day yesterday I was feeling rather sorry for myself until I noticed a lady in a wheelchair who had had both legs amputated above the knee. I suddenly felt glad that I was walking around and in good health. It got me to thinking about how there is always someone worse off than you and how much time we spend needlessly focusing on the negatives in life when we have so much to be grateful for. So my question is, when life knocks you sideways do you pick yourself up and dust yourself down or spend a long time worrying about your misfortune?
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@jbelle (913)
• Philippines
14 Aug 07
You know what I myself are afraid about my misfortune because we dont know what will gonna happen to us... What I am doing I always pray at night and at the moment I wake up or open my eyes. That God may protect me from harm and I thank him for the blessings that I have receive... I also pray not only for myself but to others especially to less fortunate ones...
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• Canada
26 Aug 07
I cannot say that I systematically count my blessings in intellectual 'remind myself" way. My approach is something I leaned in various spiritual studies and meditation classes. The idea is to stay present, to notice on a daily basis the people, events, changes in consciousness, pets, special and unexpected 'gifts' that nourish the spirit. Practicing a 'walking meditation' helps to keep attention in the 'now-ness' of our moment by moment experiences. By mindful attention to the present and the good within it life feels more grounded...and expansive. Now admittedly, it can be challenging because my 'thinker' keeps thoughts and ideas flowing and sometimes worry, fear and negativity does creep in. When that occurs and I find myself getting ready for a 'fricking/fracking' outpouring of pity party thoughts I know that it is time to sit down and create what I call my 'attitude of gratitude' list. It is similar to counting one's blessings...but it encompasses even the simpliest the smile and heart to heart I shared with a stranger on the mall. Or generous words of appreciation from a fellow Mylotter...or when our 2 dogs and 5 cats surround my hubby and I with love when we settle in to watch a movie. During really challenging times I buy a scribbler and make sure I write down a minimum of 5 things I am grateful for and it really works for me. It has always reminded me that even in the most daunting of events there are still those less fortunate. Your example of the lady in the wheelchair is a good one...because no matter how bad we may think things are for us...there is always someone in more dire circumstances. Being able to celebrate the good in our lives changes our mindset. Thought plus emotion creates conviction..and conviction creates reality. After many years of fussing, fuming, worrying, living in the past or worrying about the future I made a decision to stop that insanity and live in the now because wherever the mind goes...the energy flows and I prefer to have my energy flowing along rivers of positivity than tidal waves of negativity. The only thing we have no choice about is making choices and we can choose to see and respond to things in whatever way we want. That sure is an awesome responsibility isn't it!LOL Anyhow, thanks for this great discussion godddessglamourpuss...I, like you appreciate discussions that cause me to pause...and think!
• Canada
27 Dec 07
Hi...goodness has it really been five months ago since I responded to this excellent topic? I guess so...Mylot keeps track of that for us. Anyway, I had a little time between Christmas and New Years to check in on Mylot and noticed your best response on this one. Thank you! We haven't chatted in ages, hope all is well with you. You do cross my mind every now and then and as I told you before the planet feel like a warmer, friendlier place knowing people like you and other valued Mylotters are out there. Hope you had a good holiday season and may your New Year be full of light, love and abundance and the Light of Truth continue to guide your path as I know it already does. Warm regards, Raia
@Buchi_bulla (8304)
• India
23 Aug 07
My nature is to worry first and then come to the realities and dust and get up.
@trinihd (996)
• United States
15 Aug 07
I can honestly say that I do forget to count my blessings. Sometimes I feel bad to count my blessings when there are people who are less made me so worthy to have those blessings that they don't have. But I hope it means they have special blessings that I don't/cannnot see or count. I have not really had a sideways knock...I mean like serious knocking, so I don't know how I would be, but I hope I would pick myself up! I am a worrier sometimes but I also rely on faith in God.