dealing wid talkative persons????

August 14, 2007 5:20am CST
u must hav dealt wid dis situation where a real talkative guy catch u around and then u know u hav none other option than to listen... how u people deal wid such guys????
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@anonymili (3138)
14 Aug 07
LOL what an amusing discussion to start but I can imagine it's a real pain when you encounter someone who just won't SHUT UP! I have family friends like that, mostly aunties and uncles and it would be just plain rude to say to them "you're boring me now, please stop yapping now!" LOL The best way I've found to deal with people such as this is to mark your prey, see who else is around and wait for someone to pass and literally grab them, pull them over to you and say something like "Hey uncle/Tom/Pete/aunty/Mary* (delete as appropriate) is telling me something real interesting about astrology/the stock market/growing weeds/real estate* (again delete as appropriate)!" Get the other person hooked in and then make your escape after a few seconds as the chatterbox has now got someone else to concentrate on. I'll tell ya, it works every time :)
• India
14 Aug 07
u seem 2 be experienced one in dealing wid them..let me try.
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@pismeof (855)
• United States
14 Aug 07
Be polite,Excuse yourself and then explain that you wish you could stay and talk, But that you've got an appointment to meet someone or you've got some ice cream melting in the car.What ever you use as an excuse it must sound urgent but genuine. Give yourself a minute to think it through before you say it or the other person will see right through it.
• Philippines
14 Aug 07
well, me, i'm not a talkative person, not even a bit. So i find it hard to be with talkative persons. I would like it if the talkative person is enjoyable to be with, but some persons even talkative still is boring. So i will just pretend to listen but in my mind, i'm thinking of more important things.