Wrong Served Order - Take It Or Reject It?

August 14, 2007 10:30am CST
Few days ago, I went to a western cafe with my hubby. He ordered chicken steak and I had seafood spagheti. Our food came not too long after ordering. My hubby's looked delicious. But I felt my order so strange. It didn't look like spagheti at all. I called the waitress and confirmed. She said it was pizza and there was beef on the topping. My hubby asked her to pack the pizza and ordered again my spagethi. Actually we never rejected wronf food order if we eat in restaurant. If we can still eat it then we will take it, but if we can't eat, we will just ask it packed for home and order again. So, how about you? If you got wrong served food for your order, do you take it or you just ask the waitress to change it?
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@ayris77 (1303)
• Malaysia
14 Aug 07
I will reject it.! That's is not our mistake!
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@wackwy (96)
18 Aug 07
It really depends on my mood or how the waiter or waitress treated me when I ordered the food. If he was kind and courteous, I would probably be kind and just take the food. But if he was moody or rude or not paying attention while I was giving my order, then I would really insist on getting the food I ordered. Or maybe if the wrong order turned out to be more delicious-looking or somethng within my interest, most likely I will take the order.
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@BlueAngelRS (2899)
• Canada
14 Aug 07
I have had this happen more through drive throughs...My hubby and I have taken the order but then I call the resteraunt to let them know they messed up and we didn't get what we asked for and that usually gives us something off our order next time..If I didn't get served what I asked for then I would definatly mention kindly to the waitress..I ordered for example A lasuanga and I got pizza...
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@zdh987562 (263)
• China
14 Aug 07
I will take it,I'd like to try something new,sometimes I force myself to eat the things that I don't like to eat.I think it will make me strong when the things I unlike happen in my life. I hope it won't too strange to hear.
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