Need help! I think there's a splinter under my fingernail.

United States
August 14, 2007 7:20pm CST
Just this morning I started having a pain in my thumb nail and figured it was because I'd been biting my nails. But, when I got to the light and looked at my thumb, I noticed a tiny hair thin material under my nail bed. It looks like it could be a splinter or maybe cat hair. Is it possible to get a splinter or hair under one's nail and into the nail bed area? It's kind of scaring me some, cause my spouse said he had a splinter under his thumb nail four years ago, and shortly there-after he got a nail fungus and it made the nail fall off. It's never looked the same again. And, I'm worried that the same thing will happen to me if I don't get it out fast. Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated. Has this ever happened to you? And, if so, what did you use to treat the problem?
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@KrisNY (7591)
• United States
16 Aug 07
If you think it might be a splinter then try drawing salve- It should draw it out- It’s the nasty black think salve- If you are unsure make a doctor appointment- They will be able to tell and help you get it out- I had to go to the doctors for them to remove on from my toe once- OUCH-- It didn’t hurt near as bad when they got it out- and it was almost infected.
@coffeeshot (3785)
• Australia
15 Aug 07
Yes I have a suggstion- go to the doctors! If it is a splinter it can get infected or you can bump it an push it further in the nail. Right now I have a dog bite on my thumb nail. He bit right through my nail and into the nail bed. The doctor said that it's very important that I clean it out and wash it in antiseptic as lots of nasty infections can spread under the nail. Good luck!