What is a rod?

August 14, 2007 10:10pm CST
1.What is a rod? Are they alive? 2.Are they dangerous? Where do they come from and where do they go? 3.How, when and where did you first discover the rods? 3.Do they only show up in photos and video, or can they be seen with the naked eye? 4.What do you think they are? 5.Are they alive? How do you know they're not just lens flares or some other optical anomaly? 6.How big do you estimate them to be? 7.How fast do you calculate they are moving? This seems like a fairly recent phenomenon. Why do you think they have never been seen or detected before? 8.If they are living creatures, why do you think they cannot be seen at rest? Or can they? 9.Where do you think they are flying to? 10.Are there more than one kind of rod? How many different kinds have you detected? 11.Has there ever been an attempt to catch one? 12.Do you think they might be dangerous? 13.Are they easier to catch with a still camera or a video camera? 14.What kind of research are you currently doing on the rods? 15.But you don't put them in the same category as UFOs the way most people think of them, do you? 16.How can other people try to detect the rods? If they do, how should they report the sighting? 17.Are they alien?
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