What Technique Do You Like In Prince Of Tennis?

August 15, 2007 12:24am CST
I like Tezuka Zone because you get the ball to come to you exactly when it returns.
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@emarie (5451)
• United States
8 Jan 08
dunno, they're all so fun to watch. I kinda like the one Fuji does (don't really remember the name) where he hits the ball and it returns to him. thats like..."wha!?!?"
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• Philippines
1 Jun 08
that technique is called Hakugei...
• Philippines
29 Nov 07
The technique that I like in Prince of Tennis is boomerang Snake of Kaido... I love the monster looking technique that fits with the one who masters it.
@secretbear (19463)
• Philippines
1 Sep 07
i love ryoma's cool drive/drive c and drive b. ^__^ and then... oishi's moon volley. ^__^
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• Philippines
29 Aug 07
Who can beat the triple counters of Fuji?! i love them all, and Fuji even made those moves evolved in his fight in the nationals XD
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@x_revenge (285)
• Greece
2 Jun 09
Tsubame Gaeshi, just because I like the name, seriously, that's really the only reason, its not as powerful as others we've seen in the show and compared to the praise other techniques have gotten in the show this one makes you go "meh", but still...
• Philippines
17 Jun 08
I like Ryoma's Cool Drive and Twist Serve.
• Philippines
1 Jun 08
I loved the triple counters of Fuji and all of Ryoma's techniques (even though some of 'em are so impossible in the real life)
@kabalyero (180)
• Philippines
28 Feb 08
Definitely the Samurai Drive by Ryoma!
• Indonesia
13 Feb 08
I pick a one episode only technique, it's the technique where the player hit the net post and the ball bounce back to opponent area. I think this is better than Kaido boomerang technique, too bad the one who did it was his opponent, and of course he lost the match.
• Brazil
14 Sep 07
I like Tezuka Zone too hehehehe