Want a World of Warcraft Trial?

United States
August 15, 2007 1:01am CST
Hey guys! Well, started to play World of Warcraft a month or two ago... and its a ton of fun. I have a couple of real life friends who also play, and its a blast to do things together. (Both in game and in real life.) I want to share the game, and if you guys get the game after playing the trial, I get a free month, which would really help out... (Thanks!) I'll need your name and email address, though. It can be whatever email wise, so if you have one that you use for the internet, i can send you a trial. I'd rather not have to ask for this, but I do. Sorry. I'm not trying to scam you or anything. When you have the game you get to send out 10 day trials to whoever. I play on the server Firetree, its PvP server so you can fight other players. Its a ton of fun... Any other firetree players out there? I'm a hunter, my name is Tehbrad if you want to contact me or anything.
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