how can i get rid of the "acne craters"?

August 15, 2007 2:47am CST
well i had severe recalcitrant the condition has improved.but now i see another problem rising up.the acne have left behind a number of small craters or pits on my ther really any for them???please help.
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@suesala (10)
• Canada
9 Jul 09
I had the same problem... Bad acne which I cleared up using Therasol from It worked really well, getting rid of existing acne and preventing further acne. I then had to get rid of acne scars, which I successfully did with Peelife, also from - it is a home microdermabrasion machine that has worked wonders on my skin. I now enjoy glowy, soft and smooth skin! Very happy with the results. has effective products and the site hosts a bunch of information for you to make your own informed decision.
@marabdl86 (615)
• United States
20 Oct 07
well give your skin about 1 year to heal before you can actually say you have scarring. having Breakouts is no fun and to deal with th aftermrks for the rest of your life is truly dis-heartening. I jusst hope make yourself better and not possess over it. If you actually do have scarring procedures can only slightly correct the problem, but you will always have something no matter what. Just make sure you keep new breakouts form forming and just live your life. Possessing over your skin will only lead to miserable road. believe me i speak form experience. Nobodys skin is perfect we all have our imperfections. Our bodies don't gow ith us when we die best of luck my friend :)
@Ronimas (699)
• India
16 Sep 07
make a fine paste of turmeric rhizomes and mustard seeds, and apply on the spots each night. wash the spot with water and see them fade away day by day.
• Philippines
21 Aug 07
I have the same problem. I'm seeing a dermatologist now and I'm liking the results. I still have the craters, but their appearance and depth have drastically changed. Microdermabrasion/Diamond Peeling can make these craters shallower. They use a daimond tipped machine that basically "scratches" your face to reveal a new layer of skin. There is very little pain, but this procedure must be done by a well-trained person. It is moderately priced (about US$50 per session), and I suggest you do this twice every month. There is another procedure that my doctor has recommended. She's shown me before and after pictures of patients and the results are astounding! It's called Fraxel (check spelling), which is a laser that penetrates the skin and stimulates the growth and replacement of the outer skin from the inside out. It is more expensive (about US$350 per session), there is substantial pain, and this must be performed by an MD. I'll keep you posted. Spend a little time and money on your skin, and go see a good dermatologist. Good skin would boost your confidence. Good Luck!