What Time should a 9yr old go to bed?

New Zealand
August 15, 2007 3:17am CST
Hi we have a 9 yr old daughter that thinks she should be able to stay up with her big sister(13) and big brother(14) on a school night not go to bed at 7.30pm what do you think?
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@Madona1 (2098)
• Gibraltar
16 Aug 07
Normally I will like my nine-years-old daughter go to bed at about 8:30 pm the latest if there is a school the next day, as I will read her bedtime story as usual. Occasionally I will allow her go to bed earlier if I notice the morning she was still tired and didn’t want to get up. However, if there is no school the next day, I don’t mind her to go to bed after 10 or 11 pm. LOL
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@jofielc (205)
• United States
15 Aug 07
I think a kid with 9 years old can be at bed at 8:00 P.M.
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@acmepride (1547)
• United States
15 Aug 07
Perhaps, the first relevant question I should ask is--what time does your youngest (?) daughter normally go to school? I feel that this particular question is highly significant, especially since I'll know exactly when your daughter must wake up to adequately prepare herself for school. I would also know the interval between 7:30 pm (her bedtime) and the actual time she usually wakes up, which is crucial because I would know whether your daughter is getting sufficient healthy sleeping time or rest that is necessary for her overall wellbeing and her development. Putting such question aside, in the meantime, I truly feel that it is absolutely important for you to fully consider all factors before finally deciding whether to allow your daughter to stay up late with her big brother and sister, even during school days. For one, I feel that you should carefully assess the potential benefits and/or harms, if any, of such decision. Ask yourself: what would my daughter gain out of staying up later than 7:30 pm? Perhaps you could say that she would be able to enjoy the company of her big sister and brother more by staying up late with them. You could perhaps also consider other productive or worthwhile activities she could engage herself in, if she stays up late, even during weekdays. However, you must also look at the other side of the coin. Would your daughter get enough healthy sleep, if she stays up later than 7:30 pm, even during weekdays? How would her performance in school be affected, if ever? It obviously goes without saying, though, that the possible gains and detriments I've enumerated are just some of the many potential benefits and harms that your ultimate decision may cause. In the end, after you've carefully considered all the pertinent things you must consider, and you realized that an affirmative decision would yield more good than harm, then you should obviously stick with such decision. If such decision would result in more harm than good for your daughter, on the other hand, you naturally should not go with such decision. I sincerely hope my 2 cents would be of help in easily contributing to the eventual resolution of your current predicament.
• United States
28 Nov 07
It really depends on how her body manages sleep, plenty of (meaning exceeding the 'norm' eight) or lack of (less than six) and see what suits her motivation during the day, best. She will show you and probably tell you when she is tired and thats a sign bedtime is right around the corner. Around nine children, pre-teens rather, want to assert themselves into a pattern they can adopt for life, something that works for them that if not detrimental to their health, should be encouraged instead of discouraged. I understand she is still young and doctors say natural rhythm of night-time sleep is essential but how much is too much . . . sharing the light, Miss Erica Hidvegi, the Enlightenment Advisor, B.A. Psych/M.A. Transpersonal Studies- Cnslng/Author, Artist, Photographer, Entrepreneur & Freelance extraordinaire www.enlightenment-psych.net
@zenmachado (1619)
• United States
10 Nov 07
It cannot be too late, because a child of that age requires a bountiful amount of sleep... if not then there will be ill effects to his ultimate development..
• Canada
17 Aug 07
When I was nine years old I went to bed between 9:00 and 9:30 PM in order to get up in time for school. I used to get up at 7:30 AM to go to school in the mornings. On weeks I'd stay up till 10:00 PM and get up around 9:00 or 10:00 AM the next day.