what does freedom means for u in today's global village time??

@aissha (2036)
August 15, 2007 6:47am CST
yeah its independence day for us and we are celebrating our 60th anniversary,its a matter of pride andhappiness for allof us and my heart goes out for those who sacrificed their life for freedom of our country,now my question do the current generation value the day as much as it is of worth ,today every indian wants to go to us and talk their way and style their way and dress up their way and it is not just about the current generation even the elders take pride in telling others how their children are settled in us and ..... so if u r leaving ur country for greener pastures and even changing ur life their ways where does this loyalty towards ur country stands and then where is the patriotism ? is meaning of these words changing?? please frankly share ur views lets have a good debate in the right spirit without badmouthing,thnx
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