Where do you dance?

August 15, 2007 9:58am CST
I dance at home for fun,one time,my classmates asked me to show in the soiree,I was too afraid to accept it. I can't dance well when someone look at me ? what can i do?where do you dance? Give me some advice,thank you.
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• China
16 Aug 07
Believes oneself, others vision regarding as for yours encouragement, walke ow road ow road,lets others say.believes onseslf
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• China
16 Aug 07
I think i have to encourage myself .thank you .I'll try .
1 Apr 08
Hi, I'm also dance lover.This is a passion for me.About your problem I think when you dance of in front of people you are thinking only about the people not about the dance,the steps,the rythm. So My advice is to concentrate on your song whenever you song!!It works!! All the best.
@nicholejade (2430)
• Canada
23 Mar 08
I love dancing way too much to just do it behind cloths doors. If it has a good beat and I am getting into the music I will dance anywhere. I will even sit in the truck and dance. That's something my buddies love about me. I may be driving but I can still pay attention to the road, to others around me as well as getting my groove on. Only thing I can really tell you is let loose, don't be afriad to let others see you dance. Yes there maybe others better than you but remember there are people out there that you are better than. Just go and have fun and let loose. Good luck to breaking your fear and having fun.
• India
29 Dec 07
I dance in front of my friends..I just to love to dance...If u really love to dance then there should be no shy..I mostly dance in pubs going with friends..I think u should dance in front of ur frienda rather than dancing alone then u will confident in urself..ALL THE BEST..
• United States
16 Dec 07
Dancing is most fun when you do it around others who cannot dance. Every Friday, I like to go to dances with the LDS church members, and as you know, many Mormons CANNOT dance. But that's the fun part though. I usually like to see what others are doing, and then add my own moved, and before you know it, you will be dancing GREAT! Just follow everyone else's moves, and then do a few of your own. It's Wy fun, and you can make SO MANY new friends by having the latest dance moves. hope that helps!!!
• Poland
21 Oct 07
I dance at the disco. It's pleasure for me, especially when dj playing my favourite music: trance and techno. Then I feel that I live! Belive in oneself, dancing with people is really nice and gives lots of satisfaction. Chin up! Good luck!