United States
August 15, 2007 11:37am CST
Pedometers are one of the most awesome things ever invented. I wear one all the time, and then I always know how many steps I have taken. Every 20 steps is about 1 calorie, so then I always know pretty much how many calories I have burned from walking. This usually encourages me to walk even more, so it's like this great, beautiful feedback loop. I have lost like 25 pounds since this spring and having a pedometer really has been helpful. And they're real cheap, like between 4 and 10 dollars a pop. (I have to buy them all the time because i frequently break them).
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• United States
17 Oct 08
My dad has one (actually 3, he was going to give me one but cant find them) I'm planning to get one because I think theyre a great idea. It really motivates you when you can see your progress.
• Philippines
25 Mar 08
Oh yeah, I so agree. Seeing the pedometer reach a certain number gives you that satisfaction - and it gives you a natural boost to do more. I am having a hard time using it, though...because my tummy is big and sometimes the pedometer would stuck. but otherwise, I can use it good. It depends on the pants I am wearing to make it work or not.
@r0131n (357)
15 Aug 07
I've tried a few pedometers and I don't think they are that good. Its not really giving me the same insentive like it has you. Well done and keep it up. The one's I've tried somehow count up even if I just move slightly sideways. I use a cross trainer instead and every 2 weeks I either increase the level or increase the time.