How do you tackle spam ?

August 15, 2007 11:40am CST
I have two mail accounts with yahoo and another is gmail.....but i have been constantly getting spams to my inbox no matter how much i try to avoid them...perhaps its because of all those sites that i registered in... i am thinking of getting an all new mail account....any ideas ??
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@LAWise520 (275)
• United States
15 Aug 07
I've never had any problems with yahoo. They have kept a heck of a lot of spam out of my account. I have a comcast email that lets in just about everything, so I consider yahoo to be amazing.
@Sutocu (65)
15 Aug 07
With Yahoo! I find that I read messages marked as spam as much as those not marked. The spam filter is a bit too aggressive for me. Many massages from newsletters etc. that I've subscribed to on purpose get marked as spam.
@wurrmed (177)
• Philippines
21 Aug 07
I believe with yahoo mail there is an option to select the unsolicited mails receive and mark it as a spam
@milott (2646)
• India
16 Aug 07
I always tackle this by having a seperate email id for signing up or registering in various sites and i never give out my personal and primary email id to anyone apart from friends and family members.
@Sutocu (65)
15 Aug 07
I use three email accounts, one of which is for friends and trusted websites, one for those I think I can trust, and one for those I'm sure will spam me. In addition I sometimes use Spamhole (, and email forwarding to create temporary addresses. On my website I use a Contactify link (, instead of sharing my email address with every visitor and spambot. I still get a couple of spam messages each week into my mail account, but Gmail spam filter takes care of them so it doesn't really bother me.