When do you quit ?

August 15, 2007 2:12pm CST
I feel i am one of the least successful person in the world . I have achieved nothing in life . Whatever I possess i possess by dint of luck -the Government job , the little monthly earning , the married life and the lovely child . ALl these has been coming by to me by chance and not due to my effort . I have been analysing myself very ruthlessly since a few years ago because of my new failures at some new efforts from my side to earn some extra money regularly to run my family in a better way . ANd what I have found is that two factors are affecting my destiny and the more influencing among the two is my lack of perseverence .The other is luck , of course . At present I have been working relentlessly on online marketing . I have purchased a domain and launched a website of my own . To run the business , i have been reading articles , surfing ads , joining many programs for advertising my site . It all takes hours every day . My sleep have reduces to 5 hours a day( 24 hours ) . It has told upon my health too . In return ,no money coming yet . The only money that I have earned is from mylot . Insuch situation , every moment the electricty goes or the PC hangs i almost decide to quit . And i have noticed last few days i have been experinceing more frequent spells of withdrawal tendency from the efforts . That i cannot stick to a task will spoil my efforts . This is my fear . Do you quit works half done ?
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@jillhill (37379)
• United States
15 Aug 07
No I don't quit. I sometimes take a little time away from the project....evaluate the way I was approaching it...and get new ideas. Like I had a shop on ebay to sell my books and poetry. I didn't sell a thing so I cancelled my store. Then tried different approaches. When I work on a book I take a break also. When I go back I have a new way of thinking.