Link that gives out your info for money

August 15, 2007 3:11pm CST
How do you feel about internet websites where people can look up your personal information for a fee? A friend of mine sent me the link to the website and it even has a tab for your Social Security Number. I don't understand why people would want to pay for this site unless it was for something fishy. Are these websites even legal?
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@cmsk2005 (1770)
• United States
17 Aug 07
I donot understand how it could be. It is from any official site like like bank or something otherwise it must be ilegal and i think it could be procsecuted. I do not think anyone can do this without legal permisson. You should alert people about it and try to get the information about that site and make some way to stop it.
@milott (2646)
• India
16 Aug 07
I don't think that would be genuine, i would suggest you to abstain from such sites. Any sites which is asking for social security numbers and other important private data should be avoided outrightly.
@LCecelia (1124)
• United States
15 Aug 07
Its debatable whether or not these sites are legal. It amazes me what people will do for a bit of cash. Can you email me the link to: Thanks