Yewie Users BEWARE!

@ZenDove (698)
United States
August 16, 2007 3:54am CST
Like everyone else, I've been besieged by yewie-mania and, even though it did not sound like the place for me, I decided to check it out. Apparently,they are running some pretty vicious adware and malware from that site. I didn't go in through a referral link, just googled it to's front door. My antivirus software would not let me go any further. I was issued several warnings and 3 viruses were immediately locked down. Notably, I was using my IE browser instead of the usual MSN. IE is notoriously more susceptible to viruses, especially IE6 - which I have. I would suggest that you either use Mozilla, MSN or Foxfire as browsers when viewing this site. Be sure to be running a reliable, vigilant anti-virus program. I love Prevx 2.0 - since running this software, I have had no problems with detecting and getting rid of malware. Remember, Yewie is in its Beta stage, which means they have a lot of bugs to work out. Not to mention, their efforts to raise monies may include glomming hijacking cookies and malware onto unsuspecting (and unprotected) computers. Be sure to delete all cookies and files after viewing this site. You might want to be extra careful and delete all temporary internet files, as well. Have any of you been experiencing an increase in pop-ups and redirects since visiting yewie's pages?
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• Canada
16 Aug 07
Hi I have joined this site and so far I love it. I have had no problems. I delete all my temp internet files everytime I go to shut off my computer. I have had no redirects or pop up problems. I use a pop up blocker and I run a good malware, spyware, and anti virus program.
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• Canada
5 Sep 07
I appreicate this post..even though I didn't see it when you posted it 3 wees ago. When my hubby and I checked it out he noticed the Beta format and shared your concern about the bugs and methods they might use. It would appear that many fellow Mylotters have migrated over and things seem a little quieter here these days. It will be sad to lose contact with some of the valued regulars I have contact with. For me I have no intention of involving myself in any other forums. This works for me I like the integrity of the site and many of the members. So..I am here...and this is where I intend to matter how many other sites I hear about.