My friend is in difficult situation....

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August 16, 2007 11:56pm CST
Two days ago,my best friend as well as my colleague lost a pink documentay bag on a bus.There are quite a few medical devices in it for we are working in the same medical company as sales.She was so upset.Yesterday,we printed many lost-found posters to attach in every bus stop along the routine.But there is no feedback so far.If we cant find them,my company would lost about 50,000$dollars.Its terrible.My friend can not afford it.The worse thing is,she is planning to quit her current job these days and has got an offer from a very well-known company.My dear friends,what would you do if you were in her shoes?Thanks in advance.
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@faith210 (11233)
• Philippines
17 Aug 07
Hi monicazhang! Oh that is terrible. I just hope you will find it sooner. If I am in your friend's shoes, I would be reporting it to all police stations and the bus company which I got on that day. I will also do what you just did, posting some posters and maybe put some kind of a cash reward. I would also report it to the company just in case they can help me out in getting it back or probably they will have some actions that can be taken to cushion the blow to the company. However I would be probably be given some disciplinary action by the company because of what happened. So, I really, really hope your friend will find it sooner. Good luck and take care.
• Philippines
17 Aug 07
Maybr you could go to a radio station and try appealing your situation on air. This is really tough. When thing gets tough, the only thing left for me do is kneel and pray. It works for me.
@deliwang (92)
• China
17 Aug 07
I don't know i will chose which,but i just know if you have question ,you can save it except you don't want to save it. everything can save it! I'm a student,so i don't know job some question,it just my view,if i made some mistook,please forgive it!