ho have ideas (any aidyas) how to get rich

United States
August 17, 2007 1:53am CST
why are gupe of yong gays(students) that united and wourk together building prodjecst realizing ideas and represent thme to world largest companys. For example macdonald, ww beatle, fashion, arhitecture dizain, e-net dzain programing (games softvare and much more) you neimet. whe ar groing wery fast, tha whai whe have allot our members worldwhid. whe protect our ideas and rights so onley whe macke profit from that what belongs to as. Join our INTERNATIONAL BUSINES INCUBATOR and together whe can macke diference. whe help you you help as together whe ar powe together whe can macke profit. Arvidas
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