Crixalis the Sand King

August 17, 2007 3:40am CST
Well, im sure anyone of you who plays dota knows sand king, and probably likes him too. Heres some information on him. His powers are 1) Burrowstrike Burrows in the ground, and moves forward before rising to the surface, impaling everyone in its wake. This is the basic skill of sand king. Stun, and 300 damage at its max level. 2)Sandstorm Causes a sandstorm to start, hiding Crixalis from view, dealing damage to nearby enemies. This is a useful skill, if u r low hp, or u want creep kills in early game. 3)Caustic Finale Injects poison in the unit being attacked, causing it to explode when killed, dealing damage to nearby enemy units. Real great farming skill. Just get one creep kill, the others are sure to follow. 4)Epicentre. This is Sankings ultimate skill. He channels it for two seconds, and then causes the ground to tremble, giving out pulses which damage the enemies and slowing them. Well, now many of you must have played with sand king. You may probably use the combo of burrowstrike and epicentre. I have a better idea. Well, the first thing to do would be to farm enough for kelens dagger of escape. Then when you see enemies, do this carefully. When the enemies are close, stay out of sight, but not too far, so that yu can blink there without problem. Now start channeling the epicentre. Meanwhile, hold "SHIFT" and then click on kelens dagger of escape, and click it beside your enemies. Now as soon as the channeling is over, you will find yourself beside the enemies. And they will be struck with epicentre. BUT DONT USE BURROWSTRIKE UNTILL ALL THE PULSES OF EPICENTRE ARE OVER. This is very important, as when you burrowstrike, the enemy becomes invulnerable for a short time, so wont be affeted by epicentre. So, as soon as epicentre is over, use burrowstrike. Hopefully, you will get atleast two kills. If they are both low hp, kill one of them, then he will explode because of caustic finale, and you will get both kills. Nice, isnt it? Well, about items, many of you already know, battle fury, radiance, heart of tarrasque, and vladimirs offering.
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• United States
23 Dec 10
Those items are some of the worst items you can possibly get on sand king. you should never try to build yourself up for damage, your damage is in your skills with sandstorm and epicenter. get a blink dagger for initiating.
• Malaysia
6 Sep 07
erm..quite complete on sand king.i buy the same thgs oso.i ll buy vanguard n boots of just to boot up his life and regen.any comment?
@leonraks (38)
• Philippines
25 Aug 07
Sandking could be the fastest farmer in the game. with his first skill Burrow Strike and caustic finale he could kill a set of creeps in seconds. add a additional tool Boot of Travel to make the farming mode soo easy. Boots of travel could be a scape tool for SandKing. just do a burrow strike to a bushy trees then teleport to your base. ^_^
@chillaxx (11)
• Philippines
17 Aug 07
oh, that's really a whole lot of words out there, but needless to describe, we all know that SK is far by the most noob-friendly hero. I mean with the given strength sand king has, its inevitable to have kills by then, but seemingly there is a lot of counter that is acted upon his epicenter, making him nerfed bit by bit every version and as many dota players merge to realize certain tips of blocking SK's ultimate