Are laser printers bad for health???

@jeyana (15)
August 17, 2007 7:17am CST
should laser printers must be sold with a health warning similar to cigaratte packets? some research tells that laser printers emit micro-sized chemical particles which may be hazard to humans in the vicinity.the study was taken jointly by scientists. at international laboratory. About 50 commonly used printers such as hewellet packard,toshiba,ricoh,canon were tested and emissions measured..the high emitter category include 12 hp colour and monochrome colour printers and one from toshiba. some health experts suggested that such particles 1000 times smaller than dust that can get drawn into person lungs in much the same way as ciggratte smoke. still others suggested that smoke from printers are not much hazard as tobacco Aperson by HP said"HP does not agree with conclusion of research.ther are no indications that ultra fine particles from laser printing system" Who knows who tells true?
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17 Aug 07
i never heard of that!