Take care of animals

August 17, 2007 7:47am CST
It is a fine day today and the sun is bright.I visited Beijing Zoo with my classmates.He song.The animals were so interesting that all people love them.When a bear asked for some food by waving his arms,a visitor threw somthing to it.At once I went to him and said without thinking,"Don't do that.It is bad for it.If you really love them,take good care of them."His face turned red and said he wouldn't do that again.
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• United States
17 Aug 07
I trained my last Pet for for a period of thirteen years and seven months(13yrs & 7months), Through this period l learned a lot about taking care of Animals especially Pets. One of the most primary ways of taking care of Animals is by being friendly disposed to them, this way you'll want to get close or check on them and it is in the process that you'll discover any problems they might be having, like when they are sick, wounded, hungry or in need of some other kind of attention. Animal, like humans can get lonely and may need company either of other animals or humans, ln a situation like this endeavour to make this possible either by being there yourself to play with the animals or by providing them a play mate. The name of my pet was Blessing, lt was so called because it was a gift from a family friend and my Mum saw it as a blessing to the family... which it really turned out to be. Blessing was a local breed, but had it's skin spotted like that of a leopard, it was a dwarf and long, it fought like a leopard too and was always very happy whenever l returned either from school or other places i usally went to and to further show what company meant to it lt'll always jump on me wagging it's tail and from all you see you'll discover he enjoys the company. (Ebiegberi Tamuno, grandestitams@yahoo.com)