United States
August 17, 2007 9:14am CST
So I always saw those shows on TV warning you about where you use your ATM and what not because of risk of being stolen and I never really thought twice about it. They would talk about the scam how they put a device where you put your card in and it makes a copy of your card and then a camera captures your pin. I always thought that I would notice if something was attached to the ATM. Well my boyfriend and I went to Montreal and we used an ATM there, didnt think anything of it. 2 weeks after we came back to the states there was a withdrawl for $500 from my bank account in Montreal. I had to call the bank and tell them that I wasnt in Montreal the day the withdrawl happened, and I had to file a fraud case. I was so mad, mainly because they got me, and I thought that I was smarter than that. They also scammed my boyfriend as well. It wasnt that big of a deal because the bank account credited our accounts but it was a hassle, and it was annoying, and uncalled for. I HATE THIEVES!
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@punlonnjack (1309)
• United States
9 Apr 08
i hate theives as well. i thought i would share something with you.they say if you are forced by someone to go to the bank to withdraw your money.supposively if you put your pin in backwards it is a flag for the police to trace. ive never had this happen and dont know if it works but if this happens to me im gonna try it.sorry to hear you were scammmed.
• United States
16 Nov 07
It is sad that these things happen. It happened to my daughter. She reported it to the bank. They did close the account and sent her a new card but they are still giving her run arond and have not credited the money to her account yet. Any suggessions?
@mwala1287 (284)
• Canada
13 Nov 07
Yeah I hate thieves as well, Im sure we all do! Our society is becoming more and more dangerous that we even have to worry about things like our bank cards when they are private and should be no ones business but yours! Sorry to hear about what happenne to to, best of luck!