What spot turn you in

@mistissa (1350)
August 17, 2007 9:25am CST
What kind of places turn you on, I mean I get really turned on when hubby licks the inside of my ankle. Do you have a strange spot that really turns you on?
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@tsitra100 (171)
• Barbados
24 Aug 07
I never thought about it but just being beautiful is enough to turn me on.
@brand4less (1061)
• Indonesia
24 Aug 07
i have 2 places,my ear and the back of my neck.i really can't hold on if he do that,lolz.
@jason_co (407)
• Philippines
23 Aug 07
It would be my nipple. I feel arouse when my partner kiss it.
@ckw622 (57)
• Malaysia
18 Aug 07
I was once turned on by having hand rubbing my thigh. Especially close to my private part. I shilvered and something happened. I can feel a kind of power going into my private part. After that we would have a good time together.
@wotfpatty (2066)
• United States
18 Aug 07
It's not too strange but if ANYONE whispers to me, I get turned on. I love to hear someone's breath in my ear. At the right time, that's great but when someone leans over and whispers to me in a meeting, the feelings I get are not very appropriate. lol. Neck is another area. In a crowd, if a person leans in and talks to me and they brush against my neck, OWWWWWWWWWW! It's nuts because I just feel it yet I know it is not that I am turned on by who it is, just the feeling or whatever. I also like when my husband plays with or moves my hair aside. Something about that is hot. All above the neck turn ons. Hahaha.
@jcyap888 (721)
• Philippines
18 Aug 07
when my wife lick my ear and moan at it! i lick my wife inner legs it turns her on too!