Bad manners pays . Don't you agree? Read my experiences.

August 17, 2007 1:15pm CST
Good manners are widely accepted as the best social policy . So, my above declaration sounds uncivilised, doesn't it?But i personally don't always follow the rules formulated by others . Because,this type of rules and sanctions are formulated to fit in ideal situation and ideal situation does not always prevail . One of my collegues and friends happens to be very softspoken, too well beahaved and too well mannered . He obeys everybody in the office particularly the seniors .He would never express his denial or dissatisfaction or objection whatsoever. At times he even would do some personal works of seniors . I was not sure whether there was fear factor behind this too docile too loyal too obediant nature of my friend . Though i and some other well wishers of him were annoyed at this, we allowed a few years of adjustment period to him . However, we sometimes advised him to change himself to fit the environment in our office , to notice that his qualities had been taken by seniors as his weakness . He agreed but denied to go by our advice .In fact he took us for illwishers . Everything was running as it is in office . Higher ups as well as just seniors were exploiting our obediaent friend and we were noticing it . One day we noticed that our oedient friend was suffering from some mental condition . On prodding and counselling we found out that we were right . He was palnning to even commit suicide to avoid the consequence taht was ensuing to him . The reason was that one of the senior officers intimidated him of stern action for his neglect of duty . We were dumbfounded to hear that he was censured for neglect of duty .How come this person( our friend ) could be negligent of duty . In fact, he was one of the best and most sincere workers of our Govt. Office . And the tragedy was that our nature of duty involves some negligible portion of manipulation which is well accepted in all levles of the system. But our said friend was not allowing the least manipulation .This was not arrogance but obedience and loyalty .And as a result his output mismatched with the conventional past results . SO he was brought to book . He was blamed to be NEGLIGENT of duty . Then he approched us for rescue . What we did was nothing but to guide him how to behave in such an office environment . A few NO's to officers' orders, a few slangs from mouth, smoking in front of officers but outside of office, shouting off and on and not promptly responding to seniros' calls were some among them . He took some time to practice these manners . And day by day he came round his mental condition and also gained a respectful position among the staff . Now he is free from phobia and leading a enxietyless office life . Of course , he is now recognised for his sicerety .
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