the "Illagitamate child"

United States
August 17, 2007 3:03pm CST
It was announced 2 weeks ago on raw the mr. mcmahon has on illagitamate child. This past week it was announced by the million dollar princess, stepanie mcmahon that it is a wwe superstar. As everyone else probably thinks you would say oh its just fake as ussual where in this case he does have an illagitamate and it very well could be a wwe superstar. you dont have to believe me but i know quite a few people that work for the wwe and they said this time its actually not a gimmick. So every night for 3 or 4 hours i stay up and try to figure it out. Its really fun and pretty easy as long as you have taped raw to see whos there and whos not.
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• Egypt
17 Aug 07
it is indeed mr kennedy and i am sure and then it will be a war in the mcmahon family as it will be mr mc mahon and kennedy against shane mcmahon stephane mcmahon and the game hhh (stephanie husband) and triple h will fight kennedy and there will be a rivalry betweem shane mc mahon and vince mcmahon)
17 Aug 07
I think it's Mr Kennedy, he's supposed to be the next big thing.